I’ve added lots photo of Tom from ‘In Secret’ L.A. premiere from the red carpet and after party to the gallery. Check the previews below and check out the gallery for more. Don’t forget to follow our twitter @dailyfelton for upcoming updates.

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[+081] Events & Appearances >> 2014 >> February 6 | ‘In Secret’ L.A. Premiere – Red Carpet
[x007] Events & Appearances >> 2014 >> February 6 | ‘In Secret’ L.A. Premiere – After Party

Tom Felton attended earlier today the L.A. premiere of his film ‘In Secret’ at at ArcLight Hollywood in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He was joined by his co-stars  Elizabeth Olsen and Jessica Lange, also the writer/director Charlie Stratton.

‘In Secret’ will hit theaters in the USA on February 21st. Check the pictures in our gallery! Will add more soon!

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Gallery Link:
[x028] Events & Appearances >> 2014 >> February 6 | ‘In Secret’ L.A. Premiere – Red Carpet

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Hi everyone, I hope all of you in all good shape :D I’m sorry for the lack updates before during my very needed personal hiatus, and now I’m back from the vacation and I hope I can catch up with all I’ve missed during my hiatus and bring them all to you.

And now back to our handsome Tom, he was seen to walk Timber up Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles yesterday. I’ve added the yesterday candids of him to the gallery, enjoy!

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[x011] Candids >> 2014 >> January 16 | Out & About in Runyon Canyon, L.A

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FROM THE ROUGH is based on the true story of Dr. Catana Starks, a former swim coach at Tennessee State University who became the first woman ever to coach a college men’s golf team.

With drive, passion, and guts, she took an unruly group of mismatched kids from around the world and guided them to an all-time record at the PGA National Collegiate Minority Championship.

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I’ve added some outtakes from 3 latest photoshoots that Tom did to the gallery. Don’t forget to follow our twitter @dailyfelton for more updates.

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[x004] Sessions & Outtakes >> Photoshoot >> Session #033
[x004] Sessions & Outtakes >> Photoshoot >> Session #034

Check out the official trailer of Tom’s upcoming movie, Belle,  that will be released in theaters Spring 2014 below!

I’ve also added the screencaps from this first trailer to the gallery, Enjoy!

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Gallery Link:
[x072] Movies >> Belle >> Trailer #1

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Tom talks to Yahoo!TV about his role in ‘Full Circle’, and talks about his pet peeves about dining in a restaurant.

I think a restaurant is a perfect setting for this dissection of human interactions as going out to eat is something most of us do quite regularly and it is a weird mix of a private and public experience,” explained Tom Felton (“Harry Potter” films), who kicked off the Neil LaBute-created series as Tim, a Brit whose fallen in love while studying in America and possibly impregnated the wife (Minka Kelly, “Friday Night Lights”) of his host (Julian McMahon, “Nip/Tuck”) who may also be his father. “We go to a restaurant and every group of people is having their own private conversations and experiences and yet we are all keenly aware that we are surrounded by other people. If one of those conversations gets heated and someone starts screaming at a level that suddenly involves the room as in my first episode, what does everyone else do? I just think it is a very interesting concept to play with.

As the setting and story line had everyone thinking about modern-day dining etiquette and technology’s role in it, like whether it is rude to text at the table, we asked the cast to share their food-related pet peeves and restaurant no-no’s.

Tom Felton: It used to be people leaving their phones on the table, but I’m not too fussed about that anymore. That’s part of modern-day living, I suppose. The thing that bothers me most now is something my mum is a big offender of. She likes to finish the main course, take a 15-minute break, order some dessert, then another 15-minute break, and then she’ll order a cup of tea, wait around some more, and finally ask for the check. Me — as soon as I put my fork down from the main course, I’m pretty much ready to go. I cannot handle an hour of lounging around after dinner. I can do that on a special occasion, but generally I like to go in, get it down me, and then skedaddle back home. I know that’s horribly unromantic and unsophisticated.

Photographed by George Harvey, Tom is featured in the newest issue of Rollacoaster Magazine. I’ve added the scan & an outtake of the photoshoot from the issue to the gallery.

“I was told by a few people that had we had shot Potter in the United States, it would have been a slightly different story,” he says. “I was blessed with three older brothers who, you know, treated me like the runt of the pack. They didn’t give me any special treatment. It kept my feet on the ground.”

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[x001] Sessions & Outtakes >> Photoshoot >> Session #033

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Check out the sneak peek video of Tom from Access Hollywood of the last episode with Tom and Ally Sheedy

Also check out Interview videos of Tom talks about the series below.

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Tom talks to iamRogue.com about his role in DirectTV’s Full Circle, read the interview below.

iamROGUE - Actor Tom Felton practically grew up in front of a camera!

Felton first appeared in the film Anna and the Kind with Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster, but it was his role as Draco Malfoy in all eight Harry Potter films that made him an international star. Since the Potter series ended, he has portrayed several different types of roles in films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and The Apparition, and shows no signs of being pigeon holed into one specific type of role. His latest project is a TV series called Full Circle, which premieres on DIRECTV October 9th, and was written and created by director and playwright Neil LaBute(Death at a Funeral). 

The project is quite unique in that each episode takes place at a restaurant and only features two actors at a table talking. Each following episode will include one of the actors from the previous episode, and also introduce a new character. Felton appears in the first and final episodes as Tim Abbott, a British student studying in the U.S. who has had an affair with Bridgette Murphy, the trophy wife (Minka Kelly) of a family friend (JulianMcMahon) he has been living with. The first episode features Tim confessing his love to Bridgette, only for her to admit that she has made a mistake and is staying with her husband. 

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Felton about his work on Full Circle. The popular actor discussed his new project, why he wanted to be a part of it, reciting Neil LaBute’s words, why the series is like shooting a play, working with MinkaKelly, the difficulties of creating a full character arc in only two episodes, DirectTV, how television is changing, and finding good roles in his post-Harry Potter career.

Here is what Tom Felton had to say about Full Circle:

IAR: To begin with, Full Circle is a very unusual TV project. Were you sold on doing it once they told you that Neil LaBute created the series?

Tom Felton: I’m glad someone asked that because that’s pretty much how it was. I had said to people for years that I’d love to do some really high quality TV and my agent brought me this and said, “You’re doing it.” But as soon as I heard that Neil actually wrote it I was pretty keen. In fact, after reading the first few pages I really kind of got to see the quality of it. You don’t want to be going into something like this where the dialogue is not first class and I think this is about as good as it gets, so that really lends itself well when you’re doing something like this.

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